Quality Control & Quality Assurance


 We source the finest quality essential oils from around the world to supply you with pure botanical extracts for aromatic and therapeutic applications.

 Each plant species is selected based on its known efficacy in aromatherapy treatments

 We purchase our essential oils in accordance with one of two criteria:

1) 100% pure essential oils extracted from plants that remain true to the botanical species listed on our labels;

2) Certified Organic 100% pure essential oils that have been certified by ACO ensuring organic principles have been maintained from the farm to the finished product. 


In terms of testing, we take extensive measures to establish the purity of the oil and to confirm the absence of adulterants.

We conduct the following tests on every batch of our oil to ensure it is authentic and unadulterated:

* Appearance
* Colour
* Clarity
* Organoleptic (odour)
* Specific Gravity
* Refractive Index
* Optical Rotation
* GC/MS (Gas Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry)
* Solubility (where applicable)
* Specific checks to detect pesticide and herbicide residues

Being a totally independent company means that essential oils can be purchased from any source, enabling us to source the highest grade of oils at the best possible price

Wherever possible, we source Certified Organic essential oils; these are the highest grade of oils available.



We guarantee the purity and efficacy of our essential oils. You can rest assured that every drop of our oil is tested for purity and contains the finest quality 100% pure essential oil.

We are considered international experts in aromatherapy with more than 30 years of experience in sourcing, testing and blending essential oils.

We are ISO9001 accredited – this is the highest internationally recognised quality assurance accreditation

We are proudly Australian Owned and Made