The safe use of essential oils during pregnancy along with appropriate massage by a skilled therapist can help ease stress and discomfort and help relieve many physical conditions associated with pregnancy.

Consult a reputable aromatherapist for treatment for the following conditions: backache, fatigue, insommnia, anxiety, constipation, flatulence, haemorrhoids, heartburn, leg cramps, morning sickness, stretch marks and skin problems etc.

To locate a Registered Aromatherapist in your area, visit the IAMMA website (International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association)


The following essential oils are generally considered safe for use during pregnancy; Lavender, Neroli, Geranium, German Chamomile, Roman Camomile and Mandarin.

You can safely diffuse these oils throughout your pregnancy - bear in mind your sense of smell may be heightened so only use a small amount of oil, especially in an enclosed space.

Some aromas will appeal to you more than others - go with what appeals to you personally.

If you want to apply these (or any) essential oils topically in the first, second or third trimesters, consult an aromatherapist who will recommend the best oils for you and advise you of the correct dosages and the best treatment modalities.


Essential oils can help relax you leading up to and during childbirth.

We suggest you consult a midwife or registered aromatherapist to help you incorporate aromathearpy into your birth plan 


If you are pregnant, we advise you to consult a qualified Aromatherapist and advise your Medical Practitioner before using essential oils topically, especially during the first trimester.

Unless directed otherwise by your healthcare professional, only use essential oils in a diffuser for the first trimester

Always dilute essential oils before skin application.

Blend with dispersant for bath applications.

Avoid the following essential oils topically throughout pregnancy just to be on the safe side:

Basil, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Fennel, Jasmine, Juniper Berry, Marjoram, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme